Learn with Marcio Feitosa one way to neutralize your opponent’s wrestling

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Learn with Marcio Feitosa how to face a wrestler in BJJ

Learn with Marcio Feitosa how to face a wrestler in BJJ

The Boston Open middleweight and absolute champion DJ Jackson is known for his wrestling techniques.

With precise takedown shots, the black belt usualy goes ahead in the scoreboard and starts the ground game on top.

Gregor Gracie, in the middleweight final match, was DJ’s most recent victm, losing the gold medal by 2-0 in points.

But what can you do when you are facing a top wrestler in a Jiu-Jitsu competition?

We went to a Gracie Barra’s 4th degree black belt for some enlightment.

Marcio Feitosa, a three times world champion (among many other titles), came to our help and showed his favorite way to turn the game in his favor when facing wrestlers.

Watch the video below and add this move to your roster of weapons.

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