How Do You Safely Pass 50/50 Guard?

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Caio Almeida (red gi) next to Abmar Barbosa after training in São Paulo (publicity photo)

If 50/50 guard is a disease, as so many are harping about these days, the study of Jiu-Jitsu is the cure.

That’s what the black belt Caio Almeida teaches us today as he and his brother Diogo lay out how to unravel one of the most modern and, perhaps for being so, mysterious guards in the sport.

To get free of 50/50 guard, first pay attention to how the Ryan Gracie Academy black belt grabs his brother’s heel and pushes it forward, undoing the triangle with the help of his hip, as you can see at minute 0.54 of the video.

Next, the Celso Venícius student finds space to spin past guard. With the 360 degree turn he ends up past guard and with knee-on-belly (minute 1:07).

When the opponent tries replacing guard, the trick is to spin over him to land in side-control on the other side (minute 1:19).

So does the position deliver? Let us know your favorite way to get free of 50/50 guard in training.

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