When UFC Stars Play Dress-Up

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Carnival in Brazil is a time to dress up, goof around and pretend to be somebody else. Men dress like women, bums as kings—it’s a hodge-podge of unlikely characters that only anyone who’s ever partaken in it can understand. Our martial arts-fighting heroes also participate in the fun.

Look back at the days when some MMA stars got into character, and draw your own conclusions.

1. Anderson “Michael Jackson” Silva

A declared Michael Jackson fan, the “Spider” unleashed his dancer side back when he was fighting in Japan at Pride FC. As he walked out to the ring, Silva dressed the part and was just as deft with his step as he is with his fists. Does he or doesn’t he take the throne?

2. “Brave” Ronaldo Jacaré and “Chief” FabrícioWerdum

Native outfits are standard fare at carnival festivities across Brazil. In the picture below, taken in 2003, Manaus native Ronaldo Jacaré and the Porto Alegre-born Fabrício Werdum made the most of their free time before Jungle Fight 1 to let their warrior sides show through.

Jacaré e Werdum ostentando belos cocares. Foto: Marcelo Dunlop/GRACIEMAG

Jacaré and Werdum sporting native garb (photo by Marcelo Dunlop/GRACIEMAG)

3. “Frankantônio-Hulk” Silva

Team Nogueira representative Antônio “Bigfoot” showed he’s got no problem with get-ups that are extensions of his physical characteristics. In the image below, we have two distinct situations where the giant from the Brazilian State of Paraíba’s costume fit like a glove.

Pezão Fantasiado de Hulk e de Frankeinstein. Foto: Reprodução/Twitter

“Bigfoot” dressed as Hulk and Frankenstein (photo taken from Twitter)

What about you, have you crossed paths with a UFC star in costume in Brazil? Send the Facebook link in to us so we can see!


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