Like Using the Lapel? Sweep With an Abu Dhabi-Bound Black Belt

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Bruno Ramos demonstrates a sweep with the help of the lapel. (Photo by Junior Samurai/GRACIEMAG)

Middleweight black belt Bruno Ramos is training balls to the wall to put on a show in the land ruled by Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. To be sure he shines in Abu Dhabi this April, the Gracie Barra black belt is picking up steam, and to do so he took to the mats at last weekend’s Open Ceará tournament, where he one two gold medals–one at adult, the other at master.

Bruno made the most of the trip to Fortaleza to teach one of the sweeps he uses most. Check it out!

When the opponent tries passing guard, the GB Pernambuco representative sets a trap.

First he pushes one of his opponent’s legs and sits, grabbing the other leg and securing the opposite lapel, as you can see at the 1:05 mark of the video.

The opponent tries to advance, but Bruno sinks a hook and wraps the lapel around the opponent’s waist (1:20).

There the opponent starts to feel the treat and tries to grab his head. That’s when Bruno sinks an underhook to impede him (1:32).

To complete the movement he turns his hip and makes a swaying motion with his leg to achieve the sweep (1:44). From there the lapel comes in handy to help him move to mount.

What do you say? How did that work for you?

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