Video: Get Inspired by Rickson Gracie’s Complete Game and Sweep, Mount and Finish

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Rickson Gracie at a Jiu-Jitsu seminar in Rio de Janeiro (photo by Carlos Ozório)

As a stalwart competitor and instructor, over the course of the red-and-black belt Rickson Gracie’s career he left us at least two priceless lessons.

The first is to have strong enough a mind to fear no challenge, no spar or opponent. You may well not overcome the obstacle before you, but your mind needs to believe it can.

The second valuable lesson is to be well-rounded enough that your best move is whatever your opponent offers you at that moment.

Today, remembers Rickson’s strong mind and versatile game through a match filmed at the old Copa Cantão, a traditional competition from the 1980s in Rio de Janeiro.

Learn from the Gracie how to train to always pursue complete Jiu-Jitsu—capable of pulling, sweeping, mounting and snagging an arm, if that’s the path your opponent offers.

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