Mike & Tracey Fowler: The Newest Black Belt Power Couple

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The first class of 2013 as black belt parents. / Photo: Personal archives


For Tracey Goodell and Mike Fowler, their year of 2013 started off with huge changes– a new belt, a new bond and new name!

On New Year’s Eve, Tracey received her black belt from her then fiance Mike Fowler, after training for about six years. Mike achieved his own black belt in three and a half years and is a well-known American black belt competitor. The couple met through Jiu-Jitsu and flourished with accomplishments while training together as teammates. Today, they have accomplished much outside of the mat including the addition of another family member– their son, Thor.

If you read our article about Tracey’s break from Jiu-Jitsu in 2011, you will note her dedication to the art of Jiu-Jitsu. Her training regiments were adjusted but the drive to continue her goals maintained.

We asked Tracey about her new life as not only a fresh black belt, but also as a wife. The marriage of Mike and Tracey Fowler was made official in their island wedding on January 20, 2013. Congratulations to both of you!

Here is what Tracey had to say about the recent changes made in her life and what we can expect from the family in 2013:

How does it feel to be married, any difference?

No real difference being married, besides the fact that I have been practicing how to write Fowler everyday! lol It definitely was a very special and perfect day that we will both never forget! And I just think that we are growing as a couple/family more and more every day.

When will we see you competing next?

I plan on competing in the Hawaii Abu Dhabi Trials, and the Pan Ams, and the Worlds, not quite sure what else. I want to compete as much as possible!

What are your plans in terms of teaching?

As far as teaching I have really began to take up strength and conditioning workouts a lot more. I love it! I have a crew of girls who have gotten great results and some have transitioned into training Jiu-Jitsu now as well! It’s awesome because for a while I was the only female! I have also been doing a lot of private lessons lately here in Hawaii for some girls. They are looking really good.

What is next for the Fowler family?

Next for us will be the Trials, Feb. 2 and then Pan Kids in Cali.

The couple on their wedding day / Photo: MelanieGregor.com

The wedding / Photo: Personal archives

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