The Choke that Caught Clark and Zak Maxwell at the WPJJC Tryouts

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Magid Hage apaga Clark Gracie durante a seletiva de Abu Dhabi em San Diego. Foto: Erin Herle/GRACIEMAG

Magid Hage standing in front of Clark Gracie at San Diego, California WPJJC Trials (photo by Erin Herle/GRACIEMAG)

With each qualifying event for the Abu Dhabi WPJJC, a new rookie emerges to make life rough on a black-belt favorite.

Last weekend, the dark horse to gallop onto the mats in San Diego was Gracie Barra ace Magid Hage, who on his debut as a black belt eliminated two sterling opponents: Clark Gracie and Zak Maxwell (Gracie Humaitá).

Hage used the same weapon in both encounters: the strangulation technique known as the “baseball-bat choke”. The rookie’s good fortune didn’t carry through to the gold medal, however: he lost the under-83 kg final to Marcel Gonçalves.

Check out how he caught Clark and Zak:

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