Know How to Neutralize the Opponent’s Hook Guard? Learn from Draculino

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Vinicius Draculino no camp da Gracie Barra. Foto: Ivan Trindade/GRACIEMAG

Vinicius Draculino, old-school fighter now a Jiu-Jitsu professor at Gracie Barra (Photo by Ivan Trindade/GRACIEMAG)

If Jiu-Jitsu is a bona fide game of human chess, it’s important that you have a command of the game. For practitioners or fighters with an inclination for passing guard, the objective should always be checkmate, achieved by imposing your game and smooshing up any guard-players to pop up on the game board.

But there are risks involved in attacking, like getting tangled up in the guard-player’s hooks. If you find that you always end up getting flipped onto your back when trying to pass, our GMA Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhães, the headmaster at Gracie Barra Texas, has the solution for you. Make the most of it being Saturday to study and progress.

As Draculino makes clear, it all comes down to a simple detail—just turn the unhooked leg backwards and like magic you annul the opponent’s leverage. Take note that all you need to do if he tries to sink a grip is distance yourself.

Check out Draculino’s breakdown of the move in the following video:


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