How About a Miyao Brothers Position to Use at the Europeans?

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Os manos João e Paulo Miyao, ainda como faixas-roxas no Mundial 2011. Foto: GRACIEMAG

The brothers João and Paulo Miyao, still purple belts, at the 2011 World Championship (Photo by GRACIEMAG)

At the invitation of Professor Rodrigo Barbi, the brown belt João Ricardo Bordignon Miyao and his burly brother Paulo were in the town of Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil, for a highly sought-after seminar this January. The brothers also visited the town of Novo Hamburgo for another seminar.

At Infiniti/Cicero Costha academy, the Miyao’s dazzled the 80 or so participants with a series of creative positions, such as guard passes and berimbolo techniques.

The brothers agreed to demonstrate one of their secrets exclusively to

Check out how João Miyao’s berimbolo seems simple once explained in detail. João starts from spider-guard, uses the X-guard, distances the opponent’s base leg and easily takes the back.

Try it out in training. If you, like the Miyaos, are in Lisbon, maybe the move will help you find success at the European Open.

To check out the brackets for the European Open, unfolding all weekend in Portugal, visit the IBJJF website here.

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