Promoters in Abu Dhabi Announce Big-Money Prizes for WPJJC 2013

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Xande Ribeiro vs André Galvão no WPJJC 2012. Foto: Ivan Trindade/GRACIEMAG

André Galvão (in blue) against Xande Ribeiro at WPJJC 2012 (photo by Ivan Trindade/GRACIEMAG)

All great Jiu-Jitsu fighters dream of victory in Abu Dhabi. After all, winning the WPJJC translates into glory and being rewarded for all the hard training they put in. But another good reason to win the tournament in the United Arab Emirates is the payout going to whoever places first there.

Today, the promoters of the event revealed, exclusively to, just how much will be paid to the first- and second-place athletes in each weight class. The biggest payout of all, of course, goes to the champion of the black belt absolute division, who gets to go home with a hefty check for 30,000 dollars.

The female open weight champion will have a pretty substantial reward herself: 10,000 dollars in prize money.


Blue – 1st: US$ 3,000 /2nd: US$ 1,5000
Purple – 1st: US$ 5,000 / 2nd: US$ 2,000
Brown – 1st: US$ 6,000 / 2nd: US$ 2,500
Black – 1st: US$ 8,000 / 2nd: US$ 3,000
Black (Absolute) – 1st: US$ 30,000 / 2nd: US$ 3,000


Blue – 1st: US$ 2,000 /2nd: US$ 900
Purple/Brown/Black – 1st: US$ 6,000 / 2nd: US$ 2,500
Black (Absolute) – 1st: US$ 10,000 / 2nd: US$ 2,500

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