Cobrinha, DJ, Calasans Barral, Tererê… Find out Who’ll be at the 2013 Europeans

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Rubens Cobrinha faz guarda contra Calasans. Foto: Luca Atalla/GRACIEMAG

Rubens Cobrinha plays guard against Calasans at the 2011 WPJJC (photo by Luca Atalla/GRACIEMAG)

Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, is getting ready for the next chapter of the European Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship, which kicks off the official IBJJF calendar come the 24th to the 27th of January at the Casal Vistoso municipal sports complex.

Sign-ups ended last Wednesday night, and the competition is fierce, with current superstars and at least one returning hero: Fernando Tererê will be making his first appearance at an IBJJF competition since the Brazilian Nationals of 2008. The superstar from team Alliance will be competing in the middleweight division against the likes of DJ Jackson, Claudio Calasans, Alan Finfou and a number of other top-flight fighters.

Check out the list of favorites in each of the adult weight divisions:

Roosterweight: Brandon Mullins, Koji Shibamoto, Levy Jackson

Featherweight: Rubens Cobrinha, Augusto Tanquinho, Isaque Paiva, Eduardo Ramos, Gabriel Marangoni, Osvaldo Moizinho

Lightweight: Michael Langhi, Vinícius Marinho, Oliver Geddes, Gabriel Goulart

Middleweight: Fernando Tererê, DJ Jackson, Claudio Calasans, Alan Finfou, Mathias Ribeiro, Jake Mackenzie, Maiky Reiter

Medium heavyweight: Romulo Barral, Renato Cardoso, Vitor Toledo, Rodrigo Fajardo, Maximiliano Carvalho

Heavyweight: Gabriel Kitober, Dimitrius Souza, Fabiano Leite, Helvecio Penna, Leonardo Maciel, Felipe Rocha

Superheavyweight: Bernardo Faria, Lucio Lagarto

Ultraheavyweight: Leonardo Nogueira, Rodrigo Cavaca, Igor Silva, Alexander Trans, Bruno Matias, José Ferreira

Female: Michelle Nicolini, Luanna Alzuguir, Mackenzie Dern, Nyjah Easton, Marina Ribeiro, Angélica Vieira, Carol de Lazzer, Polyana Lago, Shanti Abelha

Brown belt: Keenan Cornelius, João e Paulo Miyao, Victor Genovesi, Rodrigo Aquiles, Gianni Grippo, Jackson Santos, Faisal Fahad.

Now, who do you think will steal the show at the 2013 European Open? Who will be talking about most come the end of the month?

Check out who all is in the mix by visiting the IBJJF website, here.

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