Beast from Xande Ribeiro’s Team Wants to Break the Bank at Europeans

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Thiago Goiabeira on top of Leandro Lo at 7º Best Fighters, in Brazilian State of Ceará (publicity photo)

The adult-middleweight division at the European Open will feature beasts like Claudio Calasans, DJ Jackson and Jake Mackenzie, perhaps even Victor Estima and Fernando Tererê, but there are plenty of rookies looking to come out of left field.

One of them is Thiago Goiabeira of Ribeiro JJ, who will compete in Lisbon, Portugal, between the 24th and 27th of January. “I’m doing a lot of preparations with my students in Fortaleza. There are lots of tough guys in the division, like Jake Mackenzie and Claudio Calasans, among other, but the biggest obstacle for me will be how cold it is in Portugal compared to in Ceará,” he added.

“I’m comfortable on top or on bottom in Jiu-Jitsu but have been brushing up on my sweeps as well as my chokes and armbars,” he explained.

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