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Black Belt Pat Cooligan

Black Belt Pat Cooligan

Address: 1673 Carling Ave suite 215, Ottawa, Ontario K2A 1C4

Phone: 1 613 728 0880




At Team Renzo Gracie Ottawa our focus is maintaining the highest level of instruction in BJJ. BJJ is known as the most effective martial art in the world, although it is relatively new by martial arts standards. Today, in any reality-fighting tournament 99% of the competitors will have a certain level of knowledge in BJJ. Why? Because it’s been proven time and time again to work. We train with a partner almost all the time. In doing so, you quickly learn what works and what does not against an opponent who is resisting. We emphasize technique and position. Proper technique and good position will dictate the outcome of a fight whether in competition or on the street. BJJ is easy and fun to learn, but takes hard work, discipline and dedication to master.

Our students have the opportunity to train at any of our numerous BJJ seminars, which we conduct. We have world-class champions visit Ottawa on an almost monthly basis. Also, the academy frequently organizes trips to New York City, which makes our club unique. All our students have the occasion to train at the NYC academy with Renzo Gracie and his instructors when we travel to Manhattan.

Our classes (schedule) will generally comprise of a brief warm-up, guard-passing drills, positional drills, technique and training. The two Brazillian jiu-jitsu programs we offer, Blue Belt and Purple belt, are designed to help you achieve the colour of belt indicated. Our live practice classes, randori, are limited to those with a minimum 1-month of experience as to maximize the quality and safety for all involved.

We now have women-only classes (schedule) for ladies who want to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and self-defence in a fun, safe, female-student only setting.

Private (one on one) instruction is also available. Please contact us to learn all of what our programs have to offer you!




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