Learn a Keylock Using your Legs from North-South Position

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Gabriel e Rafael Marangoni recebem homengem do Deputado Federal, Junji Abe. Foto: Divulgação.

Brothers Gabriel and Rafael Marangoni of Mogi das Cruzes, in the Brazilian State of São Paulo, receive honors from Senator Junji Abe. Publicity photo.

When the student passes guard and has trouble stabilizing side-control by going chest to chest, often the solution is to resort to north-south position, from where one has the neck in range but has an especially good bearing on the arm.

But how do you launch an attack without giving your opponent opportunity to spin around and replace guard? That’s what CheckMat’s Professor Gabriel Marangoni,

teaches us today with the help of his brother Rafael.

Watch how you can get the armlock finish with the help of our legs. And remember: only train while overseen by an experienced instructor.

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