How about a Second Chance at Finishing via Triangle? Isaque Shows How

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Isaque Paiva asfixia Bruno Frazatto com as pernas, na seletiva de Gramado. Foto: Ivan Trindade/GRACIEMAG.

Isaque Paiva and his triangle / Photo by Ivan Trindade/GRACIEMAG

A slender and hard-working featherweight, Isaque Paiva is currently a bearer of one of the most sterling triangles in the competitive Jiu-Jitsu scene.

And it was with that in mind that asked the black belt, who won the South American Championship last weekend, to demonstrate one of his favorite positions.

He scoured his arsenal and sent in the following one, for when the opponent attempts to relieve the pressure of the triangle by wrapping his arm around the leg, thus leaving himself exposed to the omoplata.

That’s when Isaque, also known as Boia, inflicts his venom.

First he pretends to give up on the triangle, moving one hand to the belt and the other to the collar – as you can see at the 59-second mark.

Isaque then sticks a hand in at the collar to cause bother with the choke (1:05 min), and returns to the triangle, now without hindrance.

Dig that one, guard players?


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