Sweep from Spider-Guard and Finish with Roberto Traven

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Roberto Traven ensina você a raspar e finalizar da guarda-aranha. Foto: Dan Rod/GRACIEMAG.com

Today Roberto Traven teaches you to sweep and finish from spider-guard. Photo by Dan Rod/GRACIEMAG.

When doing the spider-guard, the key to making it work is to get a good footing on the opponent’s bicep for the sweep. But there are times when the opponent refuses to get to his feet, and sticks a knee in to block you. No problem!

As Roberto Traven teaches, when you extend your leg into his bicep, he automatically raises his leg on the same side to defend the sweep.

“That’s your cue to use the leg that would have hit the knee to hook sweep. Seesaw with the leg extended backwards and sweep,” teaches our GMA Roberto Traven in this exclusive video for GRACIEMAG fans.

Traven also shows us a further two submissions: one from the triangle, the other from omoplata. It’s the same position, but when the opponent defends the sweep with the wrong knee, you finish.

Give it a try in training and comment.


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