Legdrag to Pass Guard, and Forearm Choke to Finish

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Rafa Mendes explica o leg drag, em seminário. Foto: Divulgação

Rafa Mendes explains the legdrag at a seminar. Publicity photo.

If your training partner pull’s de la Riva guard on you, alarm bells should be going off for you, gentle reader.

That’s right, because he’s setting up to sweep you and land you on your butt, or worse, make it to your back to start working for a stranglehold.

But not to fear, GRACIEMAG.com is here for you. The secret to mistreating your guard-playing friend and not getting swept or subbed is to respond with even greater pressure; in this case, pressure on the foot and on the ankle of the leg the opponent is using to press on your hip. Professor Albert Hughes takes us through the mechanics of it in the following video:


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