You a White Belt? Check out 5 Positions You Need to Master

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5 dicas para os iniciantes no Jiu-Jitsu. Foto: Divulgação.

Check out these five pointers for beginning Jiu-Jitsau practitioners. Publicity photo.

If you’re just getting started in the gentle art and plan on some day making it to black belt, as a competitor or not, you need a solid foundation built on the basics.

To get to a point where you’re pulling off razzle-dazzle moves left and right, first you need to know how to effectively defend yourself and attack.

To help provide you the building blocks for future fabulousness, drummed up a list of the five positions all white belts need to know.

1 . Defend the mount using the bridge defense, as shown by Professor Guigo

2 . Learn a triangle-defense technique from Kurt Osiander

3 .  Learn a closed-guard sweep from Renato Cardoso

4 . Learn to fend off strikes from Herval Carlos

5 . Learn the Kimura lock from Scott Lewis

E aí, alguma outra posição básica que você acha que todo faixa-branca precisa saber? Mande o link e ajude nossas categorias de base a treinarem com inteligência.

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