How about a new trap for your spider-guard game?

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Danilo Caproni, o canela, ensina você a finalizar na omoplata. Foto: Divulgação

Danilo Caproni teaches how to finish with the omoplata. Publicity photo.

When we play spider-guard, the key to positioning is to firmly fit a foot in at the opponent’s bicep in order to sweep. But there are times when your adversary refuses to stand in the position, placing a knee in to block the sweep or triangle attempt.

With this pointer from Gracie Barra black belt Danilo “Canela” Caproni, you can “fool” your opponent.

Let him think he’s going to pass your guard, and set up a trap to finish him. How does it work? When the adversary sticks a knee in between your legs to defend against the position, lower the leg on the bicep and wrap your other leg around the opponent’s bicep.

When he pressured for the pass, turn your hip outward and raise your body for the omoplata finish, as Danilo explains in the video.

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