Your opponent turns on all fours? Stick a hook in and take the back!

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Gabriel and Rafael Marangoni / Personal archive photo

Rodrigo Cavaca-black belt brothers Rafael and Gabriel Marangoni teach at the Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo chapter of team CheckMat, where they lecture to over 200 students. Last August, Gabriel taught a series of seminars in Greece and took the opportunity to compete at the ADCC Trials in Romania, winning the absolute division, despite weighing a mere 65 kilos (143 lbs).

For further proof that little guys are indeed tough, asked Marangoni to share some tricks for Jiu-Jitsu fans.

Rafael starts off the lesson, teaching an effective transition from omoplata to armbar starting from closed guard.

The trick is to at first control the collar and sleeve on the same side, and when moving to omoplata, putting the foot on the ground instead of fastening the figure four. After that, just slide the knee down and pull the arm, which is left extended and vulnerable.

Now, Gabriel teaches a half-guard pass ending on the back.

With a grip deep on the opponent’s pants, he puts his knee in and moves his grip to the side of the opponent’s knee.

Next, at 2:13 min, he changes the direction of his hips, switches grips and pummels for the underhook. Gabriel makes it to the side, from where he controls his opponent’s movements with a hand on the collar.

When his opponent tries turning on all fours, he sticks in a hook, as at minute 2:55 minutes. With his arms on his chest, he hangs on firm and opens up room to fit in his second hook.

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