The 2012 World No-Gi Championship, in their view

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Check out what some of the main stars of the 2012 World No-Gi Championship had to say.

“I like testing my Jiu-Jitsu under any rules—No-Gi, ADCC, no points… Folks are always asking me when I’m going to quit, and that just makes me issue a challenge: when someone passes my guard, then I’ll quit (laughs).”

Xande Ribeiro


“Jiu-Jitsu isn’t war to me. I’ve come to play Jiu-Jitsu and show my game. It was cool to become five-time champion, a title no one else holds. Now I want to participate at the IBJJ Pro League. I feel it’ll be a great stage for the sport.”

Caio Terra


“I know that he [Clark Gracie] has a really good omoplata, so I made sure I listened to Master Lloyd and was careful to stay out of it and worked on getting on top to pass the guard and work for a submission.”

DJ Jackson


“I was kind of lost but managed to pull it off in the absolute final. I was a little disheartened about getting silver at weight but both my instructors, Rafael [Barata] and Roberto Tussa, were in finals just before me and they got me fired up to win my first championship as a black belt.”

Tammy Griego

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