ADCC: Traven requests chance to “fix” most disappointing match of his career

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Roberto Traven remains active, training daily, and wants to test himself. Photo by Dan Rod/

While the promoters of ADCC 2013 are mulling over which nation will host the event (Brazil is in the mix) and which stars will adorn the card, there are plenty of Jiu-Jitsu black belts hard at training with the aim of being part of the grappling spectacle.

So far, though, only the ADCC 2013 supermatches have been announced, with Bráulio Estima facing off with current champ André Galvão, and Zé Mario Sperry and Fabio Gurgel squaring off in a veterans dream match-up.

Now, Professor Roberto Traven, absolute champion of the 1999 ADCC, is one of the fighters hoping to get in on the action. And his reasons are personal, as he made clear to today.

“I really want to do a supermatch at ADCC 2013, and so I’m trying to get my request heard by the organizers. I feel I’ve done enough in my career to deserve this opportunity. Everyone who’s been around me in training and competition knows I’m ready. I’m in incredible shape,” Traven began.

“I’ll face anybody. I’ll take all comers. I was dreaming of getting another crack at Zé Mario Sperry, which would be a rematch of the most disappointing fight of my career and a chance to fix what went wrong [the match ended 0-0, without much by way of action]. But the supermatch was given to someone else, so I have to wait my turn. But I feel I could compete at the next event but against a different opponent,” said the Rio de Janeiro-Atlanta transplant.

“I’m down for anything, even a four-master-aged-fighter tournament that includes Zé Mario and Fabio’s match, with me against someone else in the other bracket. I don’t care what the circumstances are, I just want everyone to know I want it and I’m ready,” he said, leaving his message.

What do you think? Would you like to see Roberto Traven and his stalwart guard at ADCC 2013? Speak your mind to the Jiu-Jitsu community, and send your message.

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