Further your studies to sweep from half-guard more efficiently

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Guilherme Caju teaches a half-guard sweep in Fortaleza. Photo by Junior Samurai/GRACIEMAG.com

Stuck on bottom playing half-guard? Well, what you need to do now is make sure your opponent doesn’t hug your head and weigh on you.

The trick to avoiding that is to always keep positioned on your side and with an underhook. In the following video, Guilherme Caju, a black belt on Ribeiro JJ team, teaches an exclusive reversal for GRACIEMAG.com.

He warns not to let the opponent get his head inside on you, and then advises to grab the opponent’s wrist as though sinking a keylock. The other hand goes to the belt, and that’s where the main detail comes in: the sideward bridge, simultaneous leverage using the arm and the belt.

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