Know how to escape mount when the pressure rises?

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Ricardo Cavalcanti at seminar in Fortaleza, Ceará State, last September / Photo by Junior Samurai/

Ricardo Cavalcanti is a GMA of ours and the leader at Carlson Gracie Las Vegas, Nevada.

“At every seminar I teach, I learn as well. Everyone has something new to show. And Grandmaster Carlson Gracie has certainly been accompanying me at those seminars, because the thing he liked most was to see everyone training,” said the Jiu-Jitsu professor, today teaching us how to get an opponent out of mount.

Note how he grabs his own wrist as though to defend his arms. Next he raises his hip and puts a hook in at the opposite leg.

He thus sticks his opponent’s foot in his half-guard (as explained at minute 1:32), and then latches on to the leg, raises his legs and, with a seesaw motion, reverses the position and takes the back.

Always train under a qualified instructor’s supervision.

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