How do you improve balance for Jiu-Jitsu? Watch how Rubens Cobrinha does it

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Rubens Charles “Cobrinha” teaches how to become a master at balancing. Publicity photo.

Whether in Jiu-Jitsu or in life, balance is one of the pillars of success.

In practice, it’s the skill that provides control over movement and facilitates the execution of positions and leverage.

Rubens Charles “Cobrinha” is addicted to control over his own movements, and he spares no effort when it comes to exercises using boards, Swiss balls and other apparatuses. His methods bring about such progress that the black belt has followers besides his usual students, like UFC star Fabricio Werdum, for example.

Check out Cobrinha’s self-control in the photos below. And let us know: what kinds of crazy things do you do for the good of your Jiu-Jitsu?

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