Rodolfo Vieira teaches how to get past any half-guard there is

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Rodolfo Vieira passa a guarda de Léo Nogueira

Rodolfo Vieira passes Léo Nogueira’s guard in the final of the 2010 Rio Open absolute. Personal archive photo.

Jiu-Jitsu is very much a game of human chess, and what’s important in playing it is that you command the game. That’s what Rodolfo always teaches when he fights, imposing his will and squashing everyone who ends up in his path.

The GFTeam ace is a specialist in passing half-guard, one of the resources you need to study in order to be a modern and victorious Jiu-Jitsu player.

Take note of how, in the following video, Rodolfo uses technique, cool-headedness and his hip to get up in his opponent’s face and pass.

“It’s important that you get the opponent’s leg away so your knee can move forward. If you manage to do that, you can sink a grip at the inner thigh that’s trapping your knee. If you can’t get your knee to the ground, you can stick it in your opponent’s belly,” explained Rodolfo during a seminar in the town of Teresina.

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