The most impactful Jiu-Jitsu and MMA statements of the week

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Vitor Belfort posa na Lapa para divulgar UFC

Vitor Belfort in Rio de Janeiro UFC publicity photo

“In the UFC, there are guys who train more and others who train less. I dedicate myself 100% in training, so the result is 100%”

Anderson Silva


“In the arm-and-neck choke, once I get my elbow around—whether I’m in the mount, half-guard or sometimes in side-control—I’m really close to finishing. I try really focusing on not losing that elbow during the whole process. I use that entire part of my body to keep the pressure on. The most important thing, though, is to readjust the shoulder against the opponent’s neck, right after passing his arm over to the other side of his head”

Bráulio Estima, just after his MMA debut, against Chris Holland at Titan FC


“My father was my hero”

Wanderlei Silva, after his father’s tragic death in an accident on a Brazilian highway


“I know the betting lines have me as the underdog at UFC 152 [against Jon Jones]. But I make my own odds”

Vitor Belfort

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