The most impactful Jiu-Jitsu and MMA statements of the week

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Dana White, sempre afiado, em foto de Josh Hedges.

Dana White, always sharp, in photo by Josh Hedges

“Never leave it in the hands of the three stooges”!

~ Dana White, president of the UFC, refereeing to the referees after Ben Henderson vs. Frankie Edgar 2.

“There’s no point in just being strong; you have to be technical. Who do you think is more dangerous: a gorilla with a machine gun or a sniper with a 22?”

~ Marcos Schubert, Jiu-Jitsu professor with successful instructional videos on the internet and avid GRACIEMAG reader.

“I see a lot of people calling for Jiu-Jitsu at the Olympics, but there aren’t many remarking about how year after year judo and wrestling lose participants. What I’m interested in is spreading Jiu-Jitsu as a martial art, as the most important tool for human self-development there is. To me that’s a lot better than seeing Jiu-Jitsu become a decorative Olympic sport like judo, taekwondo, badminton or canoeing.”

~ Ricardo Cachorrão, Jiu-Jitsu professor and our GMA in New Jersey

What about you, gentle reader, have you read or heard something striking from someone during the week? Share it with us, and have a healthy weekend.

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