Racer Jenson Button has a tip for accelerating your Jiu-Jitsu

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O piloto Jenson Button indica a hidratacao constante para atletas de alto rendimento

Triatleta nas horas de folga, Jenson Button indica a hidratação constante para atletas de alto rendimento. Foto: Divulgação

English racer Jenson Button doesn’t limit himself to moving just his neck and steering wheel when in the cramped cockpit of his Formula 1 race car. When he’s not zipping around tracks at 300 km/h, he’s taking care of his physical shape by lifting weights and doing hobbies like triathlons, mountain biking and hitting the weights.

In a recent interview by British journalists, Button was asked to share a pointer for readers who practice impact sports. He was quick and precise in answering:

“Make sure you’re hydrated; it’s crucial to performance no matter what sport you’re in. Set a goal of drinking 500 mL of water every hour. That how I keep my body hydrated for moments of great exertion,” he advised.

Did you know that your lungs, so vital for getting oxygen to your body during training, are comprised of around 90% water? Jenson Button surely knows.

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