Under pressure, White adds Lyoto-Bader to title mix

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Lyoto in photo by Josh Hedges

Nothing like a little pressure to get even the hardest headed of bosses to change their mind. Aware of the uproar he’d generated with the statements he made yesterday, announcing that the winner of the Mauricio Shogun-Brandon Vera fight would be next in line for a shot at the light heavyweight belt, Dana White decided he’d add Lyoto Machida and Ryan Bader to the title race.

“I make the fights the fans want to see. The fans didn’t like the choice being between Shogun and Vera. So it’ll be like this: the guy with the most impressive win on Saturday night will get a shot at the winner of the Jon Jones-Dan Henderson fight.”

Dana White’s unusual original choice—after all, it wasn’t long ago that both Shogun and Vera were unquestionably overwhelmed by Jon Jones—led to champion to take an ironic stance on Twitter: “Scratching my head,” Jones tweeted.

With a smile on his face, Dana White didn’t let the champ go unanswered: “He can scratch his head all he wants…”


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