Rony Jason and Pepey Jiu-Jitsu highlights, to help you pick the TUF Brazil-final winner

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Rony Jason and Godofredo Pepey face to face at event in São Paulo / Photo: Gustavo Scatena/Imagem Paulista

In the Northeast Brazilian city of Fortaleza, they’re all anybody’s talking about, whether at the bakery, the bus stop or a Jiu-Jitsu academy. Who’s going to win TUF Brazil at UFC 147 this Saturday, Rony Jason or Godofredo Pepey?

The two featherweight rivals are from the same state of Ceará, the same town, and they’ve faced each other in the gi, as showed you first hand. Refresh your memory here.

This time, though, it’ll be a different fight. The smooth Pepey is undefeated in ten MMA fights, but even so he isn’t the odds-on favorite, as knockout artist Rony “Jason” Mariano has amassed ten wins in his 13-fight career. So who’ll be the one doing the terrifying in the Mineirinho Stadium come Saturday?

To exterminate any doubts once and for all, brings you the highlights of each of the stars of TUF Brazil, a reality show that ended last Sunday and is already being missed by millions of fans. Watch and comment: who wins it?

* Godofredo Pepey highlights

1. Champions Night 13, Godofredo Pepey vs Nino Bala

2. 1st leg of Ceará State Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2009, Pepey vs Dari Duarte

3. North/Northeast Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2009, Pepey vs Héder Araujo

* Best of Rony Jason

1. Hawk FC, Rony Jason vs Felipe Alves

2. Max Fight 10, Rony Jason vs Reginaldo Vieira

3. Rony Jason at Potiguar de Submission championship 2009

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