Watch and learn from Gilbert Durinho’s finish in MMA

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Durinho sinks an armbar on Christian Fowler in 2009 amateur bout. Photo: Cascão.

The 2011 lightweight champion of world Jiu-Jitsu and the man responsible for honing the ground games of Vitor Belfort’s team on TUF Brazil, Gilbert “Durinho” Burns took on Herles “Mão de Ferro” at Ichigeki Fight Night in Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo State. Though Herles was five kilos over the 73 kg weight limit for the fight, Durinho had faith his Jiu-Jitsu could handle any size disadvantage, and he proved that the ideas and legacy of the old masters remain very much alive.

“In this fight my mind had to be really strong, seeing as my opponent was over the weight limit and visibly bigger than me. So it was a psychological challenge but I was feeling good about myself, happy and very much wanting to win,” the black belt told

“I feel I’m evolving with each fight I’m in; I felt quite at ease. I think my ring, or cage, control is getting better. The main thing is that I feel at home in there. I’m enjoying it all, stoked before the fight, at weigh-ins, in training, when the adrenaline is pumping as I make my entrance. I’m liking it more and more,” added the Rio de Janeiro native, who described the fight-ending armbar that surfaced while still in the opening round.

“After getting the takedown and progressing on the ground, hitting and advancing in the position, I ended up in mount. My options were to hit, go for the knockout or take the back. I thought to myself, ‘Having gotten to a position as good as the mount, I can’t let myself lose it. I have to keep progressing.’ So I launched a successful assault on his arm from S-mount—a position I practice a lot in training,” he said, before explaining the sinuous position.

“I’m mounted, one leg kneeling and the other near his head, as though I were stretching. The opponent has two options: to ball up to not get hit, or to flail out, which is where I make my move and catch his arm,” said the champion.

“First off, I’d like to thank God and dedicate this win and all the glory to Him, and also to my fans, sponsors, team and friends. Osss, guys. We’re all one. This is just the beginning,” promised Durinho.

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