Can’t-miss: 5 guard passes for you to draw wows in training today

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Rodolfo Vieira tenta passar guarda no treino de Jiu Jitsu. Foto: Arquivos GRACIEMAG

Two-time heavyweight world champ Rodolfo Vieira tries passing guard in training. Publicity photo.

Being good at passing guard means stringing together an array of techniques and having the foresight to see through what your guard-playing teammate is aiming for. That’s why you practically need superpowers, which only come through loads of training and repetitions.

Today, is looking to offer you some unfailing weapons for surmounting the barricade of your opponent’s legs. Practice them and then comment: What’s your favorite pass? Which of the following details was most useful to you?

1. Pass guard spreading the fan, with Bruno Frazatto

2. Rafael Lovato Jr. shows how to pass open guard

3. Claudio Arrais how to trap hand and pass guard with hips down low

4. Marcos Schubert teaches bull-fighter pass

5. Sylvio Behring guard pass and back take

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