Flying armbar, best finish of 2012 Worlds?

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Xande Ribeiro e o arrocho aéreo no braço. Foto: Ivan Trindade

Xande Ribeiro and his airborne arm attack / Photo: Ivan Trindade

Heavyweight blackbelt silver-medalist Xande Ribeiro only lost on advantage points to to two top competitors at the Jiu-Jitsu World Championship that came to a close yesterday in Long Beach.

Xande’s forward momentum was stopped by Léo Nogueira in the absolute and by Rodolfo Vieira at weight. The two-time absolute champion of the world came out on top, and even starred in one of the greatest moments of the championship: a spectacular ambar on Roberto Alenacr in the heavyweight semifinal, when he soared into the air and latched onto the arm, making the final adjustments after landing.

If prizes were awarded, it would surely be a solid contender for finest finish. Indeed, so how about a trophy for best submission, IBJJF?

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