2012 BJJ Worlds: Rodolfo Vieira’s agony… from the stands

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Rodolfo Vieira, durante o Pan 2011. Foto: GRACIEMAG.

Rodolfo Vieira during Pan 2011 / Photo: GRACIEMAG

Monsters suffer too. That’s what our reporter Ivan Trindade taught us, having recorded 2011 absolute world champion Rodolfo Vieira agonizing during the middleweight final of the blue belt female contest, between his sister Ana Carolina and Flávia Baptistela.

Take a look at the drama and emotion the ace went through, his mouth left dry by the end of the match. But was it or wasn’t it worth it?

All the goings-on at the 2012 World Championship can be found real time on the GRACIEMAG Facebook and Twitter pages.

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