Alan Belcher and 50/50 guard as footlock antivenom

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Alan Belcher in the fight where he neutralized Rousimar Toquinho / UFC publicity photo

Weeks ago, on May 5, Alan Belcher took Brazilian fans by surprise when he put the brakes on Rousimar Toquinho’s Jiu-Jitsu on the cage canvas at UFC on Fox 3.

Besides neutralizing Toquinho’s attacks, the three-years-undefeated American launched an assault that ended with him winning a first-round technical knockout. Around snack bars and Jiu-Jitsu schools, Belcher’s defenses still echo, and thought it would be right to revisit the subject.

In the video below, the very Belcher himself demonstrates new tricks to defending the Dreams heelhook with the aid of 50/50 guard.

As the UFC middleweight explains, the important part is to fasten the figure-four and hide the other foot behind the opponent’s back. Furthermore, you’ll need to clutch the opponent to you and pull his elbow. Watch the video to better grasp his explanation.

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