Paulo Tarcísio teaches yet another pre-Worlds berimbolo lesson

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Tarcísio Jardim, in blue, against Alexandro Ceconi at 2012 Brazilian Nationals / Photo: Carlos Ozório/

Jiu-Jitsu black belt Tarcísio Jardim is set to see action at the 2012 Jiu-Jitsu World Championship, coming up next weekend in Long Beach, California. The CheckMat Paraíba heavyweight is ready to show his mettle and rain on the parades of some favorites at the IBJJF tournament.

Now in the Brazilian city of Santos, where he’s going through his final preparations under the guidance of Rodrigo Cavaca, the South American champion demonstrated another two variations on defending the berimbolo, a move that is in vogue these days.

“Now I sent a berimbolo position out there, in fact the best-known one. I demonstrated two positions. One escape with a pass and the other a foot attack,” explained Paulo. “I always use these two positions in training and competition. They’re good options for fighters who have a hard time when someone pulls the berimbolo on them.

“When the opponent pushes me towards the ground, I grab his leg and spin towards his hip, passing guard. In the second option, I grab his lower leg, spin with him and sink a footlock,” he teaches.

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