Demian teaches Jiu-Jitsu-specific workout

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Demian Maia at Jiu-Jitsu seminar in São Paulo / Photo: Carlos Ozório/

On the 7th of next July, Demian Maia will be taking on Dong Hyun Kim at UFC 148. The fight against his Korean opponent, who holds just one loss in his 16-fight career, marks the Jiu-Jitsu black belt’s debut as a welterweight.

In the Northeast Brazilian town of Fortaleza to attend today’s Revolução MMA 7 event, Demian had a chat with about his impending commitment and Jiu-Jitsu in the UFC, and in answering he also shared some precious lessons on how you can improve your gentle-art game in a big way.

“You have to learn to split up your training, split up each specific position. If you’re practicing armbar defense, you can have a partner start already on your arm. It should be someone experienced, to not get hurt. If you’re looking to get good at escaping the triangle, I know it’s unpleasant, but you have to put yourself in a triangle and practice getting out. It’s what you call specific training, which all the Jiu-Jitsu aces tend to do.”

As far as Revolução MMA fight, the marquee fight of the card has the always aggressive Anderson Dentão taking on São Paulo State’s Rodrigo Bidi. Now Hermes França’s nephew, Lucca França, will square off with Carlos Galvão. Check out the complete card:

Revolução MMA 7
Barraca Crocobeach, Praia do Futuro, Fortaleza
April 26, 2012

Anderson Dentão vs Rodrigo Bidi
Arthur Estrazulas vs Leandro Naja
Moésio Brandão vs Thiago Pitbull
Lucca França vs Carlos Galvão
Iramar Frota vs Antonio Pompeu
Yuri Dantas vs Helder Alencar
Felipe Lima vs Cojack Matias
Airton vs Pequeno

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