Friday the 13th special: the most horrific fights in MMA history

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Giant Silva no Pride, contra um "pequeno" Heath Herring. Foto: Susumu Nagao/Arquivos

Giant Silva against the "little" Heath Herring in Pride FC / Photo: Susumu Nagao/ archives

Get out of here with Jason Voorhees, that’s a comedy compared to what crusty readers are used to. Call over your Jiu-Jitsu training partners, grab the popcorn (or açai) and try and keep your screeches of horror to a mild shriek, with… the 5 most terrifying moments in MMA history. After you’re done soiling yourself, send in yours.

1. Emmanuel Yarborough vs Tatsuaki Nakano – Shoot the Shooto 1998

Did you dig “The Blob”? Then enjoy this one.

2. Yuki Nakai vs Gerard Gordeau – Vale-Tudo Japan 1995

Heed not now-instructor Yuki Nakai’s pants, nor the face of the classic villain from Holland Gordeau. Here it’s all horror at its scariest, no make-up needed.

3. Alexander Otsuka vs. Mike Bourke – Pride 11, 2000

A bizarre kick early on, the most ridiculous tapout in MMA history and the pirouette as a closer. Classic!

4. Heath Herring vs Paulo Giant Silva – Pride Shockwave 2003

Ah, Japanese MMA…

5. Mark Coleman vs Mauricio Shogun – Pride 31, 2006

Stop that laughing! Now it’s the real bone-chilling stuff. Keep your cool and watch Mauricio Shogun’s injury and the throwdown in the Pride ring. And from the ref’s angle, it’s “Blair Witch” style. Get your little brother out of the room, please.

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