Donate a Jiu-Jitsu gi and help change children’s lives in Rio

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Teachers at Brazil 021, a GMA academy, André “Negão” Terêncio and Hannette Staack put together a mini documentary on the team’s endeavors to help needy neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro. “We present our schools in two communities in the Tijuca part of Rio. It’s a project we’re doing with the help of some unofficial partners and students who pay a symbolic fee, just to cover the cost of the teacher and the facility’s upkeep,” recounts André, who dreams of the project reaching new heights.


“I want everyone to soon be able to train for free. That’s right, for free; but working in conjunction with a school,” he remarked. Initially, the official Brazil 021 campaign is meant to provide the basics for students to take their first steps in the gentle art.

“We still have a large chunk of the Brazilian population that can hardly get enough to eat, much less pay for a Jiu-Jitsu academy. Our objective is to acquire gis of all kinds, sizes, new and old. With a gi, young people can start practicing Jiu-Jitsu, and that will surely keep them away from a lot of issues and help them become upstanding citizens,” he said in conclusion.

Anyone who can help Brazil 021 can make contact via email: – or

To become better acquainted with the project, drop by

Check out a video of the Brazil 021 Project:

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