Watch Xande Ribeiro vs. André Galvão at San Diego WPJJ tryouts

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Os dois finalistas do absoluto, Xande e Galvão, esbanjaram Jiu-Jitsu em San Diego, Califórnia. Foto: Alicia Anthony.

The two absolute finalists were overflowing with slick Jiu-Jitsu in San Diego, California. Photo: Alicia Anthony.

Check out the absolute final from last Sunday at the San Diego tryouts for the WPJJC, where Xande Ribeiro faced off with André Galvão to see who would get free airfare to Abu Dhabi and a thousand dollars in prize money, to boot.

To find out how the tryouts went, click here.

To read about the repercussions of the absolute final between Xande and Galvão, click here.

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