In Jiu-Jitsu, ugly is not getting the finish

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Augusto Tanquinho applies a wristlock masterfully at Brazilian Team Nationals 2009.

Augusto Tanquinho applies a wristlock masterfully at Brazilian Team Nationals 2009. Photo by Ivan Trindade.

The upcoming issue of GRACIEMAG features Professor Muzio de Angelis talking about ugly moves that work, so is following suit. Some more puritan readers of ours condemn brutish moves, while plenty of others are all for even ugly moves being put to use—or at least studied and defended.


Of the submissions that have taken the most abuse from our readers, the wrist lock, the “amassa-pão” choke and even footlocks have all taken their faire share of derision. As far as aesthetics goes, those critics may well be right. Where effectiveness is concerned, though, such moves should never be overlooked, as you can see for yourself in the following video.

Watch and let us know what you think in the comments section below. To you, is there such thing as an ugly finish, or is ugly just not finishing? Don’t stall in answering, get your two cents in.

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  1. Fightingwords101 at 6:09 pm

    if jiu-jitsu is about what is effective and what works, why then the snobbery or personal bias against foot locks or wrist locks? i might as well say cross facing is cheap or that driving my forearm across the mouth as i apply the rear naked choke is also cheap by the same token, but those are accepted as means to an end when finishing a submission.

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