Wand foresees MMA of the future: “What’s happened so far was good, but…”

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Wanderlei Silva assina uma bola para um fã do UFC. Foto Alexandre Loureiro/Divulgação.

Wanderlei Silva signs a ball for UFC fan in Janeiro. Photo: Alexandre Loureiro/Publicity.

Wanderlei Silva has one of the sharpest tongues in MMA. The other day, over Twitter, he set up a training session with Anderson Silva to prepare for his fight with Vitor Belfort that follows the TUF reality show’s inaugural season in Brazil, where it will run every Sunday on Globo network starting March 25. “Teach me that kick you nailed him in the mouth with,” said the champion from the day’s of Pride FC.

“To make it far, study fighting, be a nerd”

When he wants to be serious, Wand has his fair share of clever phrasing, as well. Like in the video below, where he addresses TUF, the current state of MMA and much more. Watch and learn from the Jiu-Jitsu and Thai boxing black belt.



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