How Frankie Edgar got to be endurance king

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Frankie celebrates win at UFC 136. Photo: Carlos Ozório.

At UFC 136, Frankie Edgar showed just why he’s the lightweight champion and that his two wins over BJ Penn weren’t mere flukes. Nearly knocked out by Gray Maynard in the first round, Frankie came back for the second without the slightest sign of fatigue and darted around incessantly before his opponent until achieving the knockout in the fourth round. Besides showing tremendous power of recovery, Edgar made it clear his endurance is out of this world.

The fighters life boils down to training and more training. Frankie is so focused that he never rides the elevator, always opting for the stairs. Any chance to up his cardio in day-to-day life, he takes.

Check out some of Edgar’s physical conditioning work in the following video:

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