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Your favorite Jiu-Jitsu magazine would rather show solutions than raise questions – but this month we’ve come up with some interesting ones. What do practitioners need to do to effectively brush up their grip on the gi when grappling? What do the vice-like grips of Rômulo Barral and Bernardo Faria have to teach you about the so-far little-explored subject? What’s Gabi Garcia’s response to critics who accuse her of doping? What on earth is the blender guard? What are the teachings Grandmaster Carlos Gracie has shared that can improve your quality of life starting today? The answers and more are in the latest issue of GRACIEMAG.

Beginning with the cover story, our team rolled up their sleeves so that you may sharpen your claws. We put together a special dossier on grips in an effort to help you develop one of the vital basics that will keep you a step ahead of your opponents. It’s a must-read.

And if you, dear reader, are after tricks, lessons and helpful tips to get you out of a plateau, you can’t go wrong with part two of the report on the 15 most winning athletes in the saga of the World Championship. This month, Marcelo Garcia deciphers Fabio Gurgel, Roger Gracie puts Marcio Feitosa under the microscope, Rodrigo Comprido offers his take on Robson Moura’s style, and Barral’s game gets a close look from Feitosa, and much more. There’s gem after gem, in an article collectors will relish.

In INTRO: Vitor Belfort and Ginástica Natural, 10 lessons from Grandmaster Carlos Gracie to help you improve your health right away, and demystification of what the coaches on the sidelines really mean to say when barking orders.

This month’s GRACIEMAG is even more chock full of juicy tidbits that that, bringing you the best of what our GMAs got up to at the International Masters and Seniors; the standouts from the IBJJF Las Vegas Open; and a profile of Professor Claudio França, who wagers, “Jiu-Jitsu’s path will naturally lead it to television.” Get a glimpse of his lofty ideas and find out how he intends to help the sport make it there.

GRACIEMAG also serves up an exclusive submission by Eduardo Santos; an account of Josef Manuel training with the US Army in New York; Bráulio Estima versus André Galvão in ANTHOLOGY; and an exercise routine that will shore up and spare your shoulders – Martin Rooney’s gift for those in the battle against injury.

And in Choke: plenty on the UFC, in interviews with Dominick Cruz, a superstar of the present, Canadian Rory MacDonald, the future of MMA, and Marco Ruas, a star from the octagon’s past.

Don’t stay in the dark. Rush to your local bookstore and get your copy of GRACIEMAG today! And to make sure you never have to wait to get the inside scoop on all the latest and greatest from gentle art world – and pay less! –, subscribe here.

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