Late night post UFC Rio, Minotauro in the arms of the crew

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It was a different UFC – all that needs to be said is that the good açaí and granola was on sale for ten reais. But it was different for a number of reasons: the lively Brazilian crowd, the people of the country’s knack for throwing a party, the belief that the Brazilian fighters – even the underdogs – would win everything.

And it was different because Rodrigo Minotauro saw action that night. The enlightened Bahia native, even without a fiber of muscle in his back, manages to fight like a cyborg when the going gets rough. All the aforementioned reasons go part of the way to explaining the euphoria of friends and patrons when Rodrigo Minotauro made his entrance at the restaurant where his official post UFC Rio party was held – the party had been scheduled beforehand, even though Mino was a heavy underdog on every betting line… Check out some of the fever Nogueira was met with that night in the amateur videos below.

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