In Singapore, Kyra trains Thai boxing for MMA and holds seminar

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Five-time Jiu-Jitsu world champion Kyra Gracie is getting ready to brush up on her Thai boxing skills. With her agenda packed full of commitments, the black belt will be holding a seminar at Evolve academy on October 1 in Singapore.

Kyra will also make the most of her time there to get her skills in another style up to speed. She’ll be training Thai boxing with Evolve’s team of Thai boxing instructors, which includes a number of champions and renowned teachers from Thailand.

Could this be the lead-up to an MMA debut? According to the Evolve website, it is.

Find out more about the seminar here.

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  1. Michele at 12:24 am

    One of the great black belts in action in women’s Jiu-Jitsu, Michelle Nicolini is still celebrating having won the world featherweight title. The win came in grand style, having made it past stalwart competitors like Ana Carolina Lebre and Kyra Gracie. Now the CheckMat rep is getting ready for her MMA debut, which will be no walk in the part either. On June 23 she’ll be fighting at Inka Fight, an event in Peru, a place where the crowd tends to bring the pressure on Brazilian fighters.

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