Glover Teixeira gets another knockout, at Shooto

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Glover was the big draw on the card. Photo: Carlos Ozório.

This Saturday Shooto Brazil 23 brought an action-packed eight-fight card to Rio de Janeiro’s Hebraica club.

In the evening’s main event, Glover Teixeira took just 49 seconds in knocking out Simão Melo. Nova União ace Giovanni Diniz ran roughshod over Thiago Henrique, getting the quickest finish of the night, just 34 seconds into the first round.

Ceará native Paulo Guerreiro again showed his balls-to-the-wall strategy still works for him. Bringing on the pressure from the outset, he dominated the first round against Eli Frank with a barrage of takedowns and several knockdowns. Three minutes into the first, Guerreiro got what he was after, landing knee that downed his opponent and punching till the ref intervened.

Another Ceara state representative, Antonio Samuray, a former UFC fighter, again relied on his muay thai, to overwhelm Cléber Tavares (Elite Combat) and take the unanimous decision. With the win, the fighter now gets a crack at the Shooto South America title on July 5 in Brasília.

(Collaborator: Junior Samurai)

Check out the complete results:

Shooto Brazil 23
Hebraica Club, Laranjeiras, Rio de Janeiro
June 4, 2011

Emerson Ferreira (BTT) defeated Rafael Correia (Ruas Vale-Tudo) via technical knockout in R2;
Julio Lima Brutus defeated Apoeno Lobo (Ruas Vale-Tudo) via unanimous decision;
Geovani Diniz (Nova União) knocked out Thiago Henrique (Paraná VT) in R1;
Antônio “Samuray” (Dragon Fight) defeated Cléber Tavares (Elite Combat) via unanimous decision;
Andrews “Tigrão” (Nova União) finalizou Marco Antônio “Bad Face” (CM System) via rear-naked
choke in R1;
Paulo Guerreiro (Guerreiro Team) defeated Eli Frank (Nova União/Manaus) via technical knockout in
João Mineiro (Nova União) submitted Leandro Baiano (InFight) via rear-naked choke in R1;
Glover Teixeira (Ruas Vale-Tudo) knocked out Simão Melo (Amapa Combat) in R1.


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