Kron and Faria win big in Biella

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Kron gets the finish. Photo: Carlos Ozório.

This Sunday the BJJ Professional Cup showcased two supermatchups: Bernardo Faria faced Raphael Abi-Rihan and Kron Gracie went up against Yan Cabral.

In the first of the two matches to grace Biella, Italy’s Lauretana Forum gymnasium, world champion Bernardo Faria went on the attack against Raphael Abi-Rihan, pulling guard and achieving sweeps on three occasions. Abi struck back with a sweep of his own, showing it would not be a one-sided affair, but Bernardo sealed his victory by achieving back mount.

Faria against Abi / Photo: Carlos Ozório

Kron Gracie started off the action against Yan Cabral with a single-leg takedown. He then forced past his opponent’s guard and achieved back mount, from where he finished with the choke.

The event’s founder, Mario Villela, himself donned a gi for a match, which he won by landing a takedown and finishing with a footlock.

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