Renato Tavares sponsors Lana Stefanac at the Worlds

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Lana Stefanac was the woman at the 2009 Worlds.

She dominated the female division, taking home the gold at the heavyweight division and the absolute.

The final match against Kyra Gracie is still remembered by fans.

She was absent in 2010, but has confirmed her presence in 2011.

Kyra vs Lana, in 2009

And for another run for the gold, Lana will have a GMA help.

Renato Tavares, leader of ATT Vero Bech, in Florida, will be sponsoring the American athlete.

They both talked about it on Facebook.

“Thank you Renato for sponsoring me for the 2011 Worlds. I will wear your patches and I will not disappoint you!” wrote Lana.

“No problem Lana. I’m sure you go to win. I have a good camp here, starting May 16th to 17th. You are welcome to train with us,” replyed Tavares.

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